Are You Suffering From HRMS Deficiency?

As a Entrepreneur

I own a company of 150 employees. Till today I am handling my staff payrolls and leave management through manual register entry or MS Excel data entry. Now it is getting very much difficult for me to follow these traditional, tedious and manual methods. Maintaining paper-based files for each employee requires is requiring a lot of labor, time, money and even space. On the other side, decreasing the productivity and reducing the focus on core areas of business.

As a Recruitment Consultant

As a recruitment consultant, it is always tired some process for me to create new employee profile from their application form by re-entering the data. This method is more corn to errors. Recruitment to on-boarding activities are also very tedious and consume my whole lot of day. So, in spite of concentrating on recruiting, I end up doing the least important task of managing information manually which results in the huge business loss. Even I seriously feel a desire to have an automated applicant the tracking system. I feel myself helpless when I deal with all this crab!!!

As a Candidate

In my eight years of career experience, I found consultants who claim to be the best consultants and assure you that you will get a good job (though that is not true in the majority of cases). I had not experienced any app or software which directly connects me with best relevant jobs available in the market or even a salary calculator which evaluate and estimate my salary and market value? Even consultants shortlist my resume, send me for the interview, but later they lost somewhere from radar. No system is available through which I can track my application and interview status instead depending on the feedback of consultant. Isn’t it pathetic…?


One Platform For All Your Problems

Recruitment Management System

Manpower budgeting.

Staff requisition workflows & IJPs

Direct integration with job sites for downloading CVs & uploading requisitions

Candidate online testing, interview scheduling & reference checking

Convert selected candidates data to the employee without any extra efforts

Payroll Management System

Automated Loan-Emi calculation with the help of formulae builders

The configuration of Bank-statement and Pay-Slip formats

Investment declaration and approvals along with documentation

Salary, FFS and Increment related process, all in few seconds

Attendance Management System

Pickup attendance via any biometric system, smartphones, webcams or login-logout

Creation of flexible Shifts with any possible grouping of weekly offs & public holidays

Defining OD / OT / Extra Worked Hours as per company policy

Set powerful late coming, early going, absenteeism & regularization rules

Set different attendance cutoffs periods for different locations

Leave Management System

Leaves can be applied or approved with one click via email or from smartphones

Defining leaves policies in one single form for all employees globally

Use formulae to define as on date balance, carry forward or leave laps policies

Set powerful late coming, early going, absenteeism & regularization rules

Performance Management System

Defining multiple task cycles and multiple review structures for each employee

Bell curve with deviation analysis, auto normalization & succession planning

Defining competencies, KRA’s or Balanced Score Card as per company policies

Designing appraisal form, confirmation form, and performance improvement plan

Nominating an employee for training from PMS form

Helpdesk Management System

Set complex claim rules for each claim type along with claim workflow.

Track assets are given by the company by assigning the allotter and revoker

Eliminate Inter- departmental Grievances by helpdesk management

Set different travel policy for each possible employee in the organization

Attach supporting documentation to avoid paperwork & easy assessment

Learning Management System

Design Training program calendar and conduct cost analysis for each program

Evaluate trainee and trainers performances

Maintain nominated and attended records

TNI applications and approvals can be set

Maintain internal and external faculty details

Project Management System

Maintain timesheet for each employee

Request for resources through applications and approvals

Drill down analytical form for checking employee wise project wise time invested

Maintain client details and project profitability

Generate detailed reports related to project management

Great Screenshots

HRMS Specialities


Dump Your Traditional HR Practices Today And Move To HRMS Cloud

Most of the businesses today need to have a room for improvement in almost every department to increase productivity and efficiency. If you are focusing more on managing manual tasks related to day-to-day business in spite focusing on profitability and other productive issues, then it is high time for you to ditch your traditional HR practice and switch to cloud based HRMS solution now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I change from my existing system to HRMS?
To get rid of manually managing the complex HR Process from payroll, recruitment, to performance and project management. To spend the productive working hours on expanding the business and increasing the revenue. To get the improved access to information, detailed reports, and much more things with user-friendly interface and integrated modules.
How I can manage Hiring and Recruiting through HRMS?
You can automate and facilitate your complete recruitment process from finding, attracting, assessing, interviewing and hiring through HRMS Cloud. Even candidates find the companies suiting their candidature and can evaluate their market value with the help of salary calculator.
How many employees are required to have HRMS in my company?
HRMS is designed for the companies who usually have the employees ranging between 50-5000, or have multiple work locations or branches to automate their each and every process related to human resource.
What about the creditability and security issues?
HRMS Cloud does the encryption of critical data when the application needs to handle the transaction of data in highly secure way. Encryption converts the data into some digest form to make the data secure over the network. The Decryption process changes the encrypted data back into its original form. We do the encryption of data between the servers and its client.
Does your team support the product after implementation?
Off course our team provides on-time, on target support to all our customers, irrespective of where their offices or branches are located. Also, our support team connects with you on your server in real time for any kind of support or maintenance requirement.
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Compare Manual vs Automation Service

A Vicious Cycle

Every payday comes the cumbersome task and responsibility of browsing through tons of spreadsheets with tiring task of keying data manually



A Seamless Cycle

Automates process saves your eaten up unproductive hours and allows you to invest that saved hours in your core capabilities and functionalities.


Disarray In Payroll

HR department is failing in meeting the deadlines for filing employee taxes and returns along with all the reports, business incurring penalties for late payments, employees running after us for tax details, payslips, payroll blunders, etc.



Organize Your Payroll Process

Automated process leads to Automated Loan-Emi calculation with the help of formulae builders, the configuration of Bank-statement and Pay-Slip formats, investment declaration and approvals along with documentation, Salary, FFS and Increment related process, all in few seconds.


Low Turnover Rate, High Hiring Cost

Recruiting most talented employees with minimum turnaround time is always a challenge for recruitment consultants. Manual sourcing, identifying, selecting, tracking and interviewing the candidates is the core cause of low turnover and high hiring cost.



Manage And Track Recruiting Data

Track the whole recruitment process; filter out active candidates based on their skills, location, years of experience, location and various other attributes. Also their candidature can be tracked and kept with you for future use.


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