Stop Worrying About Recruiting, Start Partying With HRMS Cloud

Stop Worrying About Recruiting, Start Partying With HRMS Cloud

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What if a system allows you to forget all your recruitment worries and provides you with more productivity and profitability in lesser time? Of course, you will start partying, can dream big and become big by utilising the saved time in the most effective manner.

  • Create Resume in Seconds

    John :- A recruitment consultant who receives approximately 50 resumes per day among which some resumes are exceptional and can be sent, as it is to the clients for the further recruitment process. While the majority of resumes lack some or the other thing and he needs to add the details on behalf of the candidate. Building or creating resumes consume his lot of time, thereby distracting him from other vital tasks.

    How HRMS Cloud helps:- John can get rid of the tedious task of making every resume manually. With the help of “Resume Builder,” he can create professional resumes in seconds, hence saving time for essential tasks. This tool is not only beneficial for consultants but also for companies and candidates.

    Stop Worrying About Recruiting, Start Partying With HRMS Cloud
  • Upload Data in One Click

    Smith :- From one employee update to thousands at once, Smith will never have an easier time of maintaining his company’s data. Updating data (excel upload or multiple jobs upload) is a labor-intensive process. HR staff will be tasked with managing many updates and creations at any given time. It all adds up to being quite a time-consuming operation.

    How HRMS Cloud helps:- Smith could do it all in one click of the button. HRMS cloud allows you to harness the convenience of Microsoft Excel to gather your data in one place and update it all at the touch of a button, eliminating the need to go into the tedious and manual maintenance of information. The time saved with data entry will free up your HR staff to do the tasks that need doing.

    Stop Worrying About Recruiting, Start Partying With HRMS Cloud
  • Weed Unqualified, Search Active Candidates

    Thomas :- Always have thought that millennial’s (new generation of job seekers) have high expectations with employers, and it is tough to choose and afford the best talent available in the market. Improving candidate’s experience, creating strong applicant pipelines, searching the active candidates are challenging for him. High time-to-hire and high cost-per-hire is also a worrying issue for him.

    How HRMS Cloud helps:-Hiring saga or search for active top talent can be completed with HRMS Cloud. With the help of HRMS Cloud, Thomas can weed down the unqualified, non-active resumes and narrow down his search criteria to the best active profiles. Now, he can standardize recruitment process to better and more objectively assess a candidate’s ability and skills while removing the biases found throughout the sourcing and selection process.

    Stop Worrying About Recruiting, Start Partying With HRMS Cloud
  • Take Interview Online

    Stefan :- Uses traditional hiring methods to fill the position/s, and it always takes 45 days on an average to hire. Cost and time of hire for him is much higher. The most common problem he faces with the shortlisted candidates is that they do not appear for the final face to face interview (maybe because of long traveling distance to the interview venue, the candidate may not get leave from the office, some sudden issues requiring candidate’s attention, etc.)

    How HRMS Cloud helps:-It facilitates online interview of candidates. This kind of interview will be more productive; more interview screens can be done, convenient for employers and employees both. Also, it is economical for both the parties as it saves the interview scheduling cost and traveling cost. These kinds of interviews are recordable as well as sharable. Thus, maximum productivity can be achieved with lesser time and cost.

    Stop Worrying About Recruiting, Start Partying With HRMS Cloud
  • Status/ Feedback Update For All Parties

    Harry :- Is unable to provide timely and proper feedback to candidates appearing for the interviews regarding their rejection, selection, final rounds, joining, etc. In a competitive hiring market, it’s unacceptable to have candidates feel like they are submitting applications into the ether, or showing up for interviews and wondering whether they’ll be contacted again.

    How HRMS Cloud helps:- To notify all parties at every step throughout the recruitment cycle. Candidate can view the status of their application and communicate with the company or consultant regarding next steps. To keep the candidate active (from candidate’s perspective), to receive the feedback from the client (from consultant’s view), and to inform consultant about candidate’s status (from company’s perspective) can be quickly done through HRMS Cloud. The feedback and communication can be tracked at one single location. Consistent status updates go a long way.

    Stop Worrying About Recruiting, Start Partying With HRMS Cloud